Your Wedding, Your Way

bride-walking-down-aisleA wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and as a bride you deserve to make all your wedding dreams a reality. Vintage glam is a wedding style that has gained a huge following. Thanks to the Internet, brides are not only able to showcase their weddings to other brides looking for inspiration; they are able to recreate the looks and weddings of famous celebrities. Vintage inspired weddings are usually full of delicate thin flower vases, burlap, pastel colors and glass mason jars. But don’t confuse vintage with old and boring, it also features lots of glam, shiny beautiful things that will make your night sparkle with a never out of style feel. Vintage glam brides desire simplicity, with glamour thrown in the mix. Vintage inspired dresses are usually made with beautiful lace details, the bride’s dress is usually very telling of what theme style the wedding will feature.

Yifat Oren worked with countless celebrities, traveling to different venues across the country, venues are of the utmost importance as they represent the bride and groom. Another top wedding planner is Mindy Weiss, who has taken care of throwing some of the most lavish celebrity weddings. Wedding dreams can be made into reality once you have someone like Mindy on your team. A wedding planner is essential in making your wedding dreams a reality. Sure you can probably be your own planner but when will you get the chance to be the bride if you have to make sure everything runs smoothly. Lyn Eastwood

The first step from simply dreaming to reality is to get paired with a wedding planner who understands your vision. She needs to know exactly what you envision; you should feel comfortable with this person as you will more than likely become very close. Interview a couple wedding planners and choose the one who listens to you and is on board to make your dreams a reality. Once you have found the one, you will know and I’m not only talking about your beloved, but more specifically the planner of your dreams. Do not be afraid to delegate, trust is a beautiful thing, have confidence that your planner wants everything to go smooth and for you to have the party of your life. Stop dreaming and make it your reality! If your dressing royally, Lady Elizabeth Anson is the woman for the job, she was an important advisor for Prince William’s and Kate’s wedding, with an impressive royal track record, she won’t disappoint.

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